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Welcome to the Solfire Family's Homepage

Hi There! Welcome to The Solfire Family Homepage.
My name's Tet, and the picture off to the left, is a photo of the three of us, Myself, Trixi, and our son Alastair. Things we've got for y'all to see:
Oh yeah, while I've got your attention, I'll be improving this site as soon as I can.. you know how things can get when your mind is focused on work.
Story Corner: Peruse the Prose off the pen of the Solfire Clan..
NEW!!Trixi's Art Area: Artistic Loppess. Also includes comission info.
About Us: Little tidbits of info about the two of us.
NEW!!Character Profiles
The Time Wrinkle Saga
Mirror Site of the Time Wrinkle Saga that is/has been happening on Yerf!
The Timefire Saga
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Memphis Furmeet, Fun with Laborday..
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